Gary gets a new domain

A “domain” is basically a website address and associated email address(es).  Anyone can have one.  Common examples are,, and many more.

I have been unhappy with my company’s domain since I started this business in 2007.  The “dash” in is difficult to communicate to people verbally.

The domain I really wanted, was not available back in 2007 and for the last few years.  However, it just became available and I got it!

So, now you can reach my website using either domain and you can also email me at either domain OR

Have you ever wanted your own domain for a website and/or email address?  If so, it is very inexpensive (less than $20 per year) and there are a number of excellent websites that are in business to help you set up and host your website.

I use to design and host my website.  They provide templates that you simply drag pictures and text into.  I was up and running in about an hour when I started using them a year ago.  Unfortunately, does not host email, so my business emails are hosted by Google for a modest fee.

If you have an interest in your own domain for personal or business purposes, contact me, I’d be happy to give you a few pointers.