My Winter Quarter classes at Clark College are open for enrollment

Winter Quarter starts just after the New Year.  My classes start on Friday, January 10th. I am really excited for this quarter’s offerings!  Just as in the past, I will teach two sessions per quarter, back-to-back.  Here they are:


1st session (5 weeks):

Intermediate Macintosh - Fridays, Jan 10 to Feb 7, 10:00 - noon - If you have completed Mature Learning’s Intro to Mac or are proficient with your Mac and want to take your skills to the next level, this class is for you!  We will explore more advanced features of the built-in apps Mail, Safari, Contacts & Calendar.  In addition we will learn about Mission Control, iCloud, Messages, iTunes, iPhoto and iMovie.  We will also explore some of the built-in utilities to monitor and keep your Mac running well.

Introduction to iPad & iPhone - Fridays, Jan 10 to Feb 7, 1:00 - 3:00 - Do you want to learn the very basics of how to operate your iPhone or iPad?  We will start with powering it on, getting familiar with its controls and using its basic functions.  We will explore how to operate the included apps as well as how to search for and add apps.  Along the way we will learn many useful and fun tricks and tips.


2nd session (4 weeks):

Introduction to iPhoto - Wednesdays, Feb 12 to March 5, 10:00 to 12:30 - Every modern Mac comes with an outstanding photo app called iPhoto.  It makes working with photos actually easy and fun.  iPhoto organizes photos so they can be found quickly and enables easy editing and sharing.  Discover easy ways to share photos with others via Facebook, Twitter, text or email.  Also, learn how to create amazing slideshows, books, calendars, greeting cards and more!

Advanced iPad & iPhone - Wednesdays, Feb 12 to March 5, 1:00 - 3:30 - If you have an understanding of the basics of operating an iPad or iPhone and want to take it to the next level, this class is for you!  Topics we will cover include: iTunes syncing, iCloud, Photo Stream, music & iTunes Match, custom settings and how to setup and use popular apps.  Along the way you will learn many useful and fun tips that will enhance your enjoyment.


Please tell your friends and neighbors, I would really appreciate it.

Enrollment is now open.

IMPORTANT - Please enroll no later than *** JANUARY 1st *** for the 1st session and *** FEBRUARY 3rd *** for the 2nd session.  This ensures that we get the minimum number of students for each class before the 1-week-prior deadline.

See you in class!