SugarSync & iOS7 Miscellany

SugarSync - I have recommended this syncing service to many of you.  I have used it for several years.  It syncs / backs up folders that are already on your Mac (like your Documents or Desktop folders).  It is a great service that has been free until now.

In February 2014 SugarSync will become a pay-only service with plans starting at $75 per year.  This is pretty expensive in my opinion.  However, you may have recently received an email from them offering a one-time 75% discount to current (free) customers, making the first year only $18.75.  I recommend that you take them up on this offer.  That gives me a few months to find viable alternatives for you.

I know that Dropbox is a similar service, but it requires that you put items in the special Dropbox folder in order for them to sync / back up.  I never cared for that much and found that most people forget to put items in that folder and so they do not get synced or backed up.

I’ll keep looking for substitute for SugarSync.  I’ll post my findings here.

On another note, I have had 3 clients that have recently had their iPhones stolen.  Sad, but a common occurrence these days.  iOS 7 offers some new security measures that can greatly help you in those situations.  So, upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 7 as soon as you can.  To make these security features work you MUST log into your iCloud account (Settings > iCloud) on the iOS 7 device.

This new feature forces a person to enter the device’s iCloud password in order to wipe the phone clear to reuse or resell it.  You may not get your phone back, but no one else will get to use or sell it!