OS X 10.9 Mavericks is here! Part 2 - it is installed, now what?

Your Mac is now using the shiny new 10.9 Mavericks, but somehow it does not look all that different.  That is a good thing!

However, there is a lot new and it is worth knowing what the changes are so you can take advantage of them and configure them to your liking.


What is all new:

  • iBooks - virtually the same great reading app as on your iPad - now on your Mac.  It even keeps track of the book and page you are reading as you switch between your Mac and iPad!
  • Maps - Apple Maps comes to the Mac.  Apple maps got a lot of bad press early on.  Personally, I have never been led astray by them and they are very easy to use.  You can get driving directions on your Mac and send the route straight to your iPhone!

What is not new, but improved:

  • Calendar - an all new look that is light and clean.  New features include address auto-complete that looks up addresses as you type and offers to complete them for you.  Calendar can automatically calculate travel time to your next event and have it alert you when it’s time to leave.  Click on a event’s location and you get a map and the weather there.
  • Contacts - also gets an all new light and clean look.  Show addresses in maps.  Pasting addresses enters data into the proper fields (yeah!).
  • Dictation - if you have been using Mountain Lion (10.8) you have had Dictation (using Siri technology) on your Mac. Enable it through System Preferences > Dictation & Speech.  In Mavericks check the box to add optional Enhanced Dictation that enables local dictation (no longer needing Internet access) as well as lifting the previous dictation time limit.  Also, it now types as you talk!
  • Finder - now has tabs, just like a browser!  Open folders in tabs instead of separate windows!  It makes reviewing your files and folders easier.  You can now Tag files by color and name, so even if a file is in only one folder, it can be joined with files in other folders by having the same Tag.
  • App Store - you can now chose to have apps auto-update without your intervention and when you are not using the app.  To change these settings go to System Preferences > App Store (a new section of System Preferences).
  • Mail - view maps of addresses emailed to you right in Mail!
  • Messages - now with more Emojis.  Also you can Message a Group from your Contacts.
  • Notifications - now you can reply to an incoming email or Message right from the notification that appears in the upper part of your screen, no matter what app you are currently using.
  • Safari -  a completely redesigned Bookmarks and Reading Pane menu no longer covers your current page!  Yeah!  Creating Bookmarks is now easier: click the + button to the left of the Smart Search Field to add your current web page to Reading List, or click and hold to add it to Bookmarks.  Finally, when you see an address on a web page, highlight it and right-click it to see a map inline. Click the map to open the Maps app.

Read more here: http://www.apple.com/osx/whats-new/features.html

What is new under the hood:

  • Export as PDF menu item - Export as PDF is now available in the File menu of many apps.  Now you can easily create .pdf files from most other types.
  • Compressed Memory - when your system’s memory begins to fill up, Mavericks automatically compresses the least recently used items in memory.  You get more performance from your current memory!
  • Improved battery performance - by creating tiny periods of idle time that allow your CPU to enter a low-power state more often, battery life is significantly improved.  Also, click the battery icon in the menu bar to see apps that are using significant power!
  • iCloud Keychain - share your saved passwords across your Mac, iPad & iPhone (using the iCloud service - enable it in System Preferences > iCloud).
  • AirPlay Display - now, with AirPlay Display and Apple TV, you can use your HDTV as a second display, not just mirror your Mac’s display.  So you can play a movie from your Mac through Apple TV and use your Mac display to check email!

Read more here: http://www.apple.com/osx/advanced-technologies/