Random Tech Goodness

I have accumulated a few random tech treats for you.  No particular order:

1. PaperKarma - Are you tired of getting junk mail in your US Mail?  If you are like me, most mail goes into the recycling bin.  Here is an app for your iPhone that unsubscribes you from mailing lists; catalogs and other junk mail.  You simply take a picture of the catalog address page or the envelop containing junk mail, list who it was addressed to and they do the rest!  Amazing!  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paperkarma/id458837823?mt=8

2. MacDropAny - I finally found a decent and free replacement for the now debunked (well, for-pay only) SugarSync.  This software was written by a 16 year-old boy in Australia.  It allows you to use Dropbox (or other syncing software) to sync existing folders on your Mac(s), such as Documents or Desktop.  Brilliant. http://www.zibity.com/macdropany

3. 11” MacBook Air - I just bought one of these (as a refurb, of course) for my mobile computing needs and I love it!  It is small and inexpensive (the cheapest Mac you can buy).  I have tried to fall in love with an iPad and I just can’t get past the dating phase.  The 11” MacBook Air is about the same size as an iPad, it can stay in my carryon bag through airport security and actually weighs the same as my iPad with a (required) keyboard.  Yet, its a full-on Mac.  No mobile website limitations, no flash issues.  9-hour battery life. Its love for sure.  http://www.apple.com/macbook-air/

4. Upgrade your Mac.  If you have been waiting to upgrade your Mac to Mavericks (OS X 10.9) and have been scared off by some of the initial bugs, I think its safe to upgrade now as the major bugs have been addressed.  I highly recommend upgrading if you are on OS X 10.6.8 or 10.7.5 (to see what you are on now: Apple menu > About this Mac).  Remember, you have to have at least 2GB of memory and I highly recommend at least 4GB.  Your current memory is also listed on Apple menu > About this Mac.  To upgrade, simply go to Apple menu > App Store > Updates.

5. Comcast IMAP - Although I really detest Comcast for all sorts of reasons and recommend against using their email service, if you are using Comcast email and are weary of their POP email, leaving you unable to have your email sync between your iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc., help has arrived.  Comcast now offers IMAP email!  This will keep your email synchronized between your devices (for example, delete a message off one device and it will be remove from all devices).  You will have to delete your current Comcast email on Mail on your iPad/iPhone and Mac, then re-add it using this request site: https://xcsignup.comcast.net/onboardingapps/imap  You will have to request IMAP service from Comcast and it takes a day or two for them to get back to you.  Before you get too excited, I still highly recommend an independent email service that is not tied to your home Internet service (gmail, Yahoo!, AOL or Apple’s email service through iCloud).  If you stop paying Comcast (and who is not looking forward to that day?), your Comcast email will instantly disappear, POP or IMAP.

6. I’ll close with a mantra of mine, driven by sad phone calls from clients who do not back up - Please back up your Mac!  It could not be easier and is almost free.  If you want help, just cruise through my other tech blogs about how to back up.