New AT&T Mobile Share Value Plans

This evening AT&T announced new pricing for their Mobile Share Plans that could save you a LOT of money, especially if you are already a Mobile Share Plan subscriber.

Basically, they have restructured their pricing so that the basic data you pay for each month is slightly reduced and, depending on your current plan, the rate you pay per smartphone may be greatly reduced.

As an example, I have been a Mobile Share Plan subscriber for over a year.  Before I changed my plan tonight I shared 6GB of data per month among 4 iPhones.  It ran me $240/month.  I just upgraded my plan to 10GB of data per month and am now paying $170/month!  This great price break for the price per smartphone starts with the 10GB/month and higher plans.

It seems almost too good to be true, so, of course, there may be a catch.  The next time you buy a phone it may not be subsidized as in the past.  What comes around goes around!

Check out the pricing here: AT&T Mobile Share Value Plans

Then, log into your AT&T account and choose to “Change my plan” and see what you get.

Good luck!