iPhones & iPads Rejoice - iOS 10 is here!

iOS is the operating system that runs your iPad & iPhone.  It is its software engine and the software you interact with the most.  It is the soul of your device.  Its newest version, iOS 10, released to the public today.  It is free for all modern iPhones (5 and newer) and iPads (iPad 4, iPad mini 2 and newer as well as all iPad Airs & Pros).  

It is easy to upgrade: Settings > General > Software Update.  I recommend that you backup your device first (Settings > iCloud > Backup > Backup Now), then restart it before proceeding with the upgrade.

iOS 10 has been available to millions of users as beta test software since July, so it is pretty well tested.  I don’t expect major issues at all, however, any minor ones that show up will be amplified by news an social media completely out of proportion (as usual).  Don’t be afraid of it, just backup and restart before you make the plunge.

Here are a few of the new features in iOS 10:

  • Raise to wake - simply raise you phone to view the lock screen.  No need to push any buttons.
  • Major Lock Screen update:
  •     Respond to messages without having to unlock your device.
  •     Quick camera access - swipe left from the lock screen to access the camera.
  •     Widgets access (formerly in the Notification Center > Today view) - swipe right.
  •     Notification Center - no longer contains the Today view - just Notifications.
  •     Unlock your device by clicking the Home button (no more “Swipe to unlock”).
  • Major update to Messages app including invisible ink, sketching / your own handwriting, emoji suggestions, stickers, easy photos (your own and thousands from the web), share music, cool sending effects and much more.
  • Sort photos by faces and places.  In addition, search for scenes in photos like “beach”, “dog”, “sunset” and many other photo content items.
  • Hide built-in Apple apps you don’t use.
  • Text transcription of voicemails.
  • A redesigned Music app that includes larger font (YEAH) and lyrics of the song playing.
  • Update to Maps that includes searching along your route (without interrupting guidance), make reservations from Maps and suggestions of where to go based on your calendar and past trips.

So, come on in, the iOS 10 water is great!