Introducing iPad/iPhone tuneup contracts and updates to Mac tuneup contracts

As many of you know, last year I began offering Mac tuneup contracts.  It was really an experiment for me.  I did not know what to expect in terms of reception and how the tuneup appointments would go.  I now have over 70 contracts so I guess it has been received pretty well.

I really enjoy these appointments and feedback from clients indicates that they enjoy them as well.  They really enjoy having me regularly look at their Mac and many of them make lists for me between visits so we can solve smaller annoying issues that arise.  I take the responsibility to initiate making the appointments (either every 3 or every 6 months depending on the contract).

The tuneup includes:

  • Check that all Apple updates are installed
  • Review apps that start at boot to minimize the number of apps running
  • Check for malware and adware infections
  • Clean the default web browser for faster browsing
  • Check memory needs versus installed memory
  • Check the health of the operating system and run optimization routines to speed it up
  • Make sure backup(s) are running regularly and that there is enough backup space
  • Check the health of the Mac’s hard drive and repair if necessary
  • Check proper operation of up to 2 printers per Mac
  • Check and update key 3rd party apps (like Adobe Flash & Java)

When I introduced these contracts I was guessing that each appointment would take me about an hour to complete.  What I have found after well over 100 visits is that they actually take about and hour and a half.  So, I have adjusted my pricing to reflect that reality.  Here are the new prices for my Mac tuneup contracts for one year (all plus tax if applicable):

Contracts for one Mac:

  • Semi-annual service - $225
  • Quarterly service - $400

Contracts for two Macs (during the same visit):

  • Semi-annual service - $300
  • Quarterly service - $550

Today, I am also introducing tuneup contracts for iPads and iPhones!  These will be offered in both semi-annual and quarterly frequencies.  The tuneups will include:

  • Check that all operating system (iOS) updates are installed
  • Check iCloud status of backups & available iCloud storage and Find my iPad/iPhone
  • Check for redundant syncing services (Calendar, Contacts & Notes)
  • Check on-device storage status vs. needs
  • Run optimization routines to speed up the device
  • Adjust settings to maximize battery life
  • Check updates for 3rd party apps

One contract will include a tuneup on one iPad AND one iPhone!  I believe these appointments will indeed just take an hour, so the pricing will look like this (all plus tax if applicable):

Contracts for one pair (one iPad and one iPhone):

  • Semi-annual service - $150
  • Quarterly service - $300

Contracts for two pair (during the same visit):

  • Semi-annual service - $250
  • Quarterly service - $500

So, you want to combine the Mac and the iPad / iPhone contracts?  OK, if the services are performed during the same visits, you get a 50% discount on the iPad / iPhone contract!

I would love to have you join in on the fun!  Let me know so we can set up our first visit!