Thinking of a new iPhone? Wait!

I have been contacted by many clients in the last few weeks that are ready to upgrade their iPhone.  And I quickly tell them “NO”!  This is a really bad time to buy an iPhone.

Why?  Well, for many years now Apple has released new iPhones in September.  It is almost September.

If history repeats itself, this September Apple will release the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.  In the past, Apple has released the iPhone 4, then a year later the 4S.  A year after that they released the iPhone 5, then a year later the 5S.  And so it goes…the 6S is coming.

I have read a lot of rumors about the 6S and there are two major improvements - the camera and a new feature called Force Touch.  Force Touch is on the Apple Watch and it acts sort of like a right-click on a computer.  It allows the user to shortcut steps to get things done.  For example, when in Maps if you force touch (press hard) on a point on the map it will start turn-by-turn directions.

The camera is rumored to have 50% more resolution (up to 12 megapixels).  Also, the fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) is said to have more reliable fingerprint sensing.

All this said, the expectation is that, as in the past, the new iPhone will be the same price as the current ones.  Why not wait - you will get more for the same money!

When you do choose your new iPhone, I recommend against the 16GB models.  These days, with lots of powerful apps and large picture files, 16GB storage on an iPhone is just not enough.

Finally, if you are considering any new Apple products, there are two websites to visit first:

  1. Macrumor's Buyer’s Guide:  Here you can see whether now is a good time to buy anything from Apple - iPhone, Mac, Apple TVs and more.
  2. Apple’s Refurbished products website: click here.   See my blog from last December to read why Apple’s Refurbs are such a great bargain.

Finally, I think I am a decent resource for you when you are considering a new Apple product.  Please, send me an email to start the conversation about your new Apple product!