Announcing: Service Contracts

I have been asked about prepaid services and have contemplated them for many months.  I am now announcing a preliminary version of my service contracts.  If it goes well I will add other options.  I would love to hear your thoughts about other options you would like me to offer.

Here is how the service contract works: purchase a contract and I will come to you either twice or four times per year and optimize your Mac.  The visits will include:

  • Check that all Apple updates are installed properly
  • Review apps that start at boot to minimize the number of apps running
  • Check memory needs versus available memory
  • Check the health of the operating system and run optimization routines to speed it up
  • Make sure backup(s) are running regularly and that there is enough backup space
  • Check the health of the Mac’s hard drive and repair if necessary
  • Clean the web browser(s) and check for adware/malware
  • Check proper operation of up to 2 printers per Mac
  • Check and update key 3rd party apps (Flash, Adobe Reader, Java, etc.)

The service pricing represents a significant savings from my standard rate:

  •     Twice yearly - $225
  •     Quarterly - $400

Also, note that I have added a PayPal feature on my website for your convenience.  Look for “Pay Online” along the top navigation bar.

I would love to see you and your Mac on a regular basis, so please contact me soon for this exciting new offer!

Of course, there is fine print :):  All contracts to be paid in full before contract begins.  Prices do not include sales tax, if applicable.  I will send a reminder email that it is time to schedule an appointment but it will be up to you to schedule with me.   Any additional services beyond the contracted hour will be billed at my standard rate of $89/hour.