New Icons

Many people do not recognize the functions associated with some new icons in Apple’s Mac and iOS systems.  These icons appear throughout many apps on Macs, iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches.  Let’s review them:

Share - this icon allows you to share the item you are currently viewing, whether it be a photo, website, contact, calendar event and more.  If you are viewing something and want to share it, look for this icon.  

It will allow you to share with whatever is appropriate - email, (text) message, Facebook, Twitter and much more.

AirPlay - this icon allows you to broadcast whatever you are seeing and/or listening to with another AirPlay-enabled device, for example an AppleTV, an Apple Airport wireless system with speakers and much more.  Also, this icon will allow you to send music from your iOS device to your car with bluetooth audio enabled.

When you click the icon, the devices available with be listed.  They will either have a video screen icon next to their name indicating you can share video and audio, or a speaker indicating you can only share audio.

iCloud - this icon gives you access to iCloud enabled services, including contacts, calendar, reminders, bookmarks, notes, Photo Stream and more.  What services are available depends on what app you see the icon.  For example, with this icon in Safari you can see what sites you are viewing on your other iCloud enabled devices (like your iPhone).

There are other icons in Apple’s system but these are the newest, most useful and most ignored!  Watch for them!