If you suspect you have malware or a stuck browser homepage:

Lots of pop-ups, stuck on a website or suspect you may have malware?

Here is what to do for a basic fix (assuming you are using Safari on a Mac):

  1. With Safari running (open it if it is not), click Apple menu > Force Quit.  Force Quit Safari.
  2. Hold the Shift key on your keyboard while (and for a few seconds after) opening Safari.

Next, go to Apple menu > System Preferences and look for a Profiles preference area.  If one is present, click on it and remove any preferences you do not recognize using the '-' sign.

Back to Safari, go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions (tab) and Uninstall any extensions you do not recognize.  While in Preferences, click the General tab and change your homepage to something you want as a homepage.

If you want a good app to use to remove malware the bad guys left behind, download, install and run this excellent free app from here: malwarebytes.org.  Once the app is installed click on it in the menu bar (near the clock) and first click Stop Real-Time Protection (unless you want to pay their fee for monitoring your Mac).  Next, click the same icon and click Start Scan.

Use this app when you feel you have stumbled into a dark part of the Internet or you feel something funny is running on your Mac by, again, clicking the icon and clicking Start Scan.

Restart your Mac for good measure.