Most services are performed at an hourly rate

In your home:

          $99 per hour (minimum charge) Includes sales tax, if applicable

          No travel charge within 25 miles of 98686 ($2/mile beyond 25 miles)

Remote support, phone support and work done at ITS

          $65 per hour (includes sales tax, if applicable)

Hardware and software purchased for you:

          Great prices +10% service charge


Pre-paid Mac Tuneup Programs *

One Mac:

  • Semi-annually - $250
  • Quarterly - $450

2 Macs during the same visit:

  • Semi-annually - $300
  • Quarterly - $550


  • Check that all Apple updates are installed
  • Review apps that start at boot to minimize the number of apps running
  • Check for malware and adware infections
  • Clean the default web browser for faster browsing
  • Check memory needs versus available memory
  • Check the health of the operating system and run optimization routines to speed it up
  • Make sure backup(s) are running regularly and that there is enough backup space
  • Check the health of the Mac’s hard drive and repair if necessary
  • Check proper operation of up to 2 printers per Mac
  • Check and update key 3rd party apps (like Adobe Flash & Java)

Pre-paid Tuneup Program for iPads and iPhones

Program will include one pair (one iPad and one iPhone or two of the same)**

  • Semi-annual - $150
  • Quarterly - $300

Programs for two pair (during the same visit):

  • Semi-annual - $250
  • Quarterly - $500

   The tuneups will include:

  • Check that all operating system (iOS) updates are installed
  • Check iCloud status of backups & available iCloud storage and Find my iPad/iPhone
  • Check for redundant syncing services (Calendar, Contacts & Notes)
  • Check on-device storage status vs. needs
  • Run optimization routines to speed up the device
  • Adjust settings to maximize battery life
  • Check updates for 3rd party apps

* Includes sales tax, if applicable

** SPECIAL - Combine the Mac and the iPad / iPhone programs and get a 50% discount on the iPad / iPhone program! (if the services are performed during the same visits)